Property Managers
Benefits of Elevator Advertising to the Property:

A New Source of Income

•Payment will be made on a practical and convenient schedule.

•Fixed rate remuneration is based on Ad coverage.

•It may be possible for compensation to increase with enlargement to the Ad area.

Reduction of Vandalism

•Ads engage passengers, relieve boredom and provide something to focus on, reducing destructive behavior.

•For those who intend to vandalize, the Ad will generally be targeted instead of the elevator itself.

Improved Appearance

•An attractive advertisement dresses up the elevator interior. Pre-existing marks and scratches may be covered by the Ad.

Reduction of Junk Mail

•Local advertisers use elevator advertising as an alternative to direct mail. Less junk mail means less paper scattered throughout the property.

Service to Tenants

•Passengers enjoy elevator advertising and perceive it as a helpful service, because it introduces tenants to local services.

•Elevator advertising relieves the monotony of a long elevator ride, and reduces the tension of riding with strangers.

Advertising Content

•As a property manager, you have the right to specify what types of Ads you will not allow in your building, at your entire discretion. In addition, you also have the unrestricted right to ask for the removal of any Ad, at any time.

•We make every effort possible to ensure that every Ad meets the highest quality and content standards, and does not conflict with a property manager's interests in any way.


•ADINVADER assumes responsibility for all repairs and maintenance.

•The displays are serviced bi-monthly or more often as requested.

•We undertake to make all display repairs within 24 hours of being notified of a problem. You will love it in an elevator.