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Dramatic Elevator Advertising

Imagine waiting for an elevator, the doors open, you enter, turn around and press your floor. Then the doors close to reveal a colorful advertisement with your name on it. Your ads could be the first and last thing your clients see as they begin and end their day, EVERYDAY!

We specialize in connecting businesses with their target audiences through the use of advertisements in elevators of residential, commercial, medical, educational and seniors buildings.

Elevator advertising is an effective, unforgettable way of reaching residents and guests with maximum impact having a captive audience day in and day out.

Your specific audience can be reached efficiently by selecting buildings targeted at age, income, lifestyle or simply location, depending on your needs.

Furthermore, the audiences you reach can be multiplied by moving your ads to different buildings at no extra cost on our extended contract.

Our Ads provide a welcome distraction to passengers which cannot be turned off or discarded like other advertising media. Most importantly, these ads are read over and over again as the audience is in fact captive.

ADINVADER™ is capable of reaching thousands of people across North America and can deliver millions of impressions per year. You will love it in an elevator!