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Sheraton Centre Toronto wraps it again! Starwood Hotel in Toronto,Sheraton Centre Downtown replaces wraps with... Color your plate elevator ad. more Elevator Advertising! Seeing that elevator wraps were so successful in educating their staff they decided to refresh them with current Starwood branding. Not only does it educate, it relieves boredom and revitalizes the back of house area.
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Elevator advertising spreads across Texas like California Wildfires! Taking a page from other Starwood Hotel properties and providing some education of their brands to their workers, also not to mention making the elevator doors more attractive. Back of house elevators tend to get beat up by housekeeping carts and just general wear and tear, like paint chips, scratches and graffiti. Applying an elevator wrap revitalizes the elevator's finish. Elevator wraps can be removed if damaged and replaced with a brand new message at any time. This has been a trend that has been growing across North America exponentially.
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Adinvader Elevator Advertising in Detroit Metropolitan Airport Westin Detroit Metropolitan Hotel adds Elevator Advertising to their branding budget. Adinvader Inc. continues the invasion across the U.S.A.
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Mozilla loves it on an elevator!
Elevator advertising invades Pentagon City
Sheraton Dallas North by the Galleria Texas educates staff with an Elevator Advertising wrap!
Sheraton Centre Toronto greets Mozilla Firefiox Members with an Elevator wrap!
Westin Harbour Castle Toronto Wraps their Elevators Adinvader Inc. Strikes Again!
Elevator wrap advertising strikes again!
Elevator Wrap Advertising